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Welcome to Responsible Green Life. 

I am Taylor Leigh Cannizzaro, a science seeker. My topics are nutrition, caring for the environment, personal development, conscious communication, spirituality and fitness.

I take the complexities of life and offer simple solutions that work for the people I work with. I have a highly enjoyable, enthusiastic and exemplary personality, which makes our connection extremely easy.

I want to help achieve your satisfaction through our services and products. 

With this simple and committed approach life, within the new human revolution, I want to walk with you. 

Thank you for visiting me. Please explore this site and discover everything we have for you.

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As a molecular biologist, I realized that the photodegradation of plastics is a real concern for the health of the ocean and people. Because of this, I learned to combine ecology and humanism with science and solutions applicable to life.

I am Taylor Leigh Cannizzaro, a science seeker. My themes are the care of the environment from plastics, yoga and physical exercise as forms for personal development and conscious communication, from an intimate spirituality to achieve good Responsible Green Living.


I take the complexities of life and offer simple solutions for the people I have worked with. I have a very nice, enthusiastic and exemplary personality, which will make our connection very easy from our first contact.

 Mission and Objectives

I want to activate people and make them aware of the consumption of single-use plastics, help save the ocean, and minimize the danger and impact on human health and the planet.

I want to inspire in people's consciousness a "responsible green living" and to demonstrate that it is possible, when we activate and balance those inadvertent aspects that I discovered life offers and that revolve around all of us and within ourselves.

Recently, I joined the team to take what I have been doing from the local level to an international impact.

I have climbed the crest of the wave to make my passage through the world useful and meaningful. 

I want to encourage you to do the same. Together we can be that critical mass that Mother Earth and the human being need to give birth to the new times that live...


Responsible Green Living, Services

Surpass your expectations

Responsible Green Living will be known for its ecological and social commitment and for the satisfaction of my customers.

My customers are substantial to me and I offer them exceptional products and services.

I find my smile in yours. They share their vision with mine.

This standard of excellence has allowed me to grow to where I am.

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Please use this website as a resource and extension of yourself and as an opportunity to get involved and learn from an online platform where you can acquire information, products and services with ecological and human character.


The green in my heart as hope, optimism and good luck. It is the added value that I put to my work.


Together, we can make a difference in this new historical-social paradigm.