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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Humanity has a transcendent mission, because is necessary completely change our #consumption and life #habits.

The #human being has barely had time to evolve during these 300,000 years, which is nothing for the #Universe.

And right now, we are the cause of the #extinction itself, because in just 100 years we created the right conditions for it.

This space is a space for reflection and awareness-raising on the heritage we leave to #future #generations.

Once you have understand very well all this that i say, here I will show you how you can act so that your passage through this #world makes sense and you are part of the #humangeneration,

who helped #MotherEarth and our descendants survive in a #healthy, natural and harmonious environment with the other elements and animals that live around.

Human beings want to travel to the Moon and conquer new #planets.

But for all our we must first clean up the mess we have made here on Earth.

The #plastic all over the world is the result of that we haven't done things right after World War II.

If #governments prefer to invest multimillion-dollar amounts of #money and resources to go into space and know infinity, that's fine!

But the citizens on the ground, the ones who move the gears of the #social #system of life,

we can give the example and clean the square meter of habitat that corresponds to us: our home, the office, the streets where we transit, the tourist places we visit, the countries we travel to.

All those places where we leave the important #carbon #footprint.

Human beings are capable of creating the worst cruelties in the world. We cannot deny this strange and destructive nature.

However, on the other hand, we have also been able to perform the greatest feats when that #collectiveconsciousness awakens and changes the future of the #species.

It is time to activate all that #critical mass, scattered all over the world, so that, together, we can make that evolutionary leap that we so desperately need.

It's not easy, but when I see great minds working as a team, the hope for the well-being of the world and of the human being comes back to me.

#PlasticBank is an initiative created by #DavidKatz to mitigate some of the most important problems that exist today: poverty, unemployment and plastic pollution around the world.

Adding these problems and changing the thinking approach leads to creating opportunities, unique in life, and leads to the creation of a #circular #economy, (on this subject, we will speak in another publication), kind and supportive.

Then I smile, because I know that very soon, within a few years, my children or yours will be able to live together in a healthy environment, and they will be able to enjoy the beautiful valleys, seas and deserts that we ourselves conquered again to save them.

Then we will remember that we were once children, and then, as now, our world will be cleaner and healthier.

We will have evolved, thanks to the power of divine and #humanlove.

Please tell me what you think and what your actions are to save the planet in your square meter of space.

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Welcome home.