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Don't let indecision kill your desire to do it... Just do it!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Years ago, during a neighborhood party, I met a nice person on the terrace of that beautiful house. That woman showed me her gym membership card. I think she did it with the intention of opening conversation.

"This occasion, nothing is going to stop me, girl," she said decidedly.

I felt joy and empathy.

The conversation continued between pickles, olives and some drinks to mitigate the summer heat. The good mood of the conversation gave me the opportunity to share ideas for a #ResponsibleGreenliving.

"You know, just do it!" I said goodbye at the end and reminded him of his gym credential with a hand signal. I also said "recycle your plastics.

She smiled.

We've never seen each other again. That conversation was so fresh that we forgot to mention the name of each one.

Surely you've known those kinds of people who shine when you see them walking the streets, by the warmth of their voice when you hear them ask for coffee, by the peace that awakens its aroma, by that confidence in their look.

Responsible Green Living shares this empathy and good attitude towards life with people with this desire to improve, for example, in sports, whichever is practiced.

It is common for disinterest to let doubt come and go. Days become weeks and weeks become indecision, laziness, apathy and remoteness from sporting desire and aspiration, which at some point pierced your spirits and thoughts.

There is a long distance between what is ideally desired and what reality imposes on us physically, in relation to our body and that will that you put to change things from inside out of you.

Have you ever asked yourself, what is my goal in doing this exercise?

If you parts from such basic questions as this and make them conscious, I am definitely sure that you will be one step away from touching a sports space.

The problem is that many people find in exercise a way to consume time and it is never seen as an end in itself. The approach to exercise isn't usually the right one.

And one of the virtues of sport is that it can transform your whole mentality and way of thinking. Sport always awakens ideas for a green life.

You should devote at least two hours a day to physical activity. Just as the mind exercises by reading and studying, muscle and will are built by moving you around, taking your body to its maximum capacity.

Hence Heywood Hale Broun's maxim "Sport does not build character, it makes it manifest".

Empower your thoughts through physical exercise. Change the mental paradigms that go through your lack of interest with a little will and concentration.

Once you got to this point, now go to a person who offers #coachingfitnessservices and tell them very well what your goals are with the sport.

In Responsible Green living we can help you with this point to reach your goals.

If you are not sure what your goals are with the sport, I doubt very much that you will be able to reach a good port and you will return to the same vicious circle..

Because then comes the interesting thing, which is why you pay a trainer: Plan, Schedule and Periodization each of the days, weeks and months that will be required to achieve your goal. Follow my publications so I can explain what all this means.

It's not enough to just stand in the gym then. Have the humility to approach someone trained to help you avoid injuries during practice.

Make sure that your work material, or even your own bottle of drinking water, is based on #responsibleplastic and #sustainablegreenproducts.

Please tell me the approach you take to sport when you decide to take action to change your lifestyle.

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Thank you very much and welcome home!



Image 1 of Gerd Altmann