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To care for the environment and function with maximum efficiency in our lives it is necessary to balance our body physically, spiritually and emotionally?

Did I also mention that I love going to the gym, doing yoga and surfing? 

This is also Responsible Green living. Follow my stories and recommendations on video and discover the methodologies I use to activate your physical and emotional state. 

Together we will learn to awaken the universal spirit within things. 

I offer Coaching & Fitness services.


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Free Flow

"What's the attitude for success?"   Day 1. "Free flow challenge"  

Gratitude from the heart, like a very well interpreted song.   With the heart open to that depth that life offers us in its simplest and smallest details, like the thoughts face the days...

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Conscious empowerment

How to empower people and make them aware that their actions are capable

of changing the world?  

My intention is to help people recognize their personal abilities, work as a team and discover that, together, we are able to transform the planet and make it a better place for everyone, free of plastics of only use...

Yoga & Soul Science

Nutrition, science and movement from a global perspective. 

We can create better living conditions with all the opportunities that technology

offers to approach a complete personal development. 

Follow my videos and I will explain how to do it